malivernys asked: If you don't mind going off script, here are some other unpopular opinion q's I'd love to know your answer to :) 1. popular ships you don't care for, 2. ships you love but have gotten shit for liking, 3.+4. repeat 1+2 but with characters, 5. popular movie, book or franchise you don't care for


1. popular ships you don’t care for;
Harry/Ginny (omg i tried ok SO HARD but it’s just not in me), Kurt/Blaine, Buffy/Spike (which it took me forever to go from HATE WITH A FIERY PASSION to I JUST DON’T CARE, i can live with their existence now. i’ve matured. lol)

2. ships you love but have gotten shit for liking;

Harry/Hermione and probably Joey/Dawson

3. popular characters you don’t care for;

I guess I don’t really care for the other doctors except for Nine. Rachel and Finn from Glee, jfc. (Eva you should know I can’t have Sam in this category anymore :3)

4. character you love but have gotten shit for liking;

Karen Jackson, being the most recent one. :) Shane from TLW, Peyton from One Tree Hill, Kate from Lost… And Kristen Stewart, which is a real person i know, but still every now and then i’ll get shit over how much I love her. Now that I think about it… they have a lot in common. Strong, independent, brave, strong willed… maybe not all at once but still, would you look at that.

5. popular movie, book or franchise you don’t care for.

I guess i’m not really into Lord of the Rings, i’ve watched the movies and they’re beautiful and all but that’s as far as it goes for me. Also not into The Host, Mortal Instruments and such. And High School Musical! lol

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  1. hawkgays said: (((i’m totally not kidding off to the fire with you)))
  2. llithuanian said: Harmony is satan. You are therefore a child of Satan. ICKY LIKE A SISTER.
  3. kinneys said: who gave u shit for liking shane cut them to peices
  4. littlelionstiles said: Yes, yes, something about this post made me happy and you know what it IS HAFA. :)))))))))
  5. lindsaybluth said: that’s because nine ruins all other doctors with his perfection
  6. talithan-archive said: hahahahaa we disagree on ships but ilu and i respect your opinions
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