I started watching Spartacus - Blood and Sand. I’m not sure why they’re all named differently though. lol At first I wasn’t sure about the weird effects and kinda fake looking skies. But now it’s starting to grow on me and i’m really believing the characters. I’m also not complaining about the penis fest I see from time to time. And the sex is quite hot.

Every now and then I remember Andy Whitfield died from cancer last year and I can’t seem to wrap my mind around it. Such a young, talented, gorgeous and apparently incredibly healthy man… gone like that. The unfairness of it is unbearable. :(

I’m still on 1x03 but i’m really liking it so far. I’m curious to see him and Sura reuniting.

03.03.2012 / +6
  1. oxyj3nn said: hfjelfhjlfjdnfvbjdvbnjbvqfqelf \O/ you did watch ‘gods of the arena’ first, right? its the prequel. then blood & sand and the latest, s2 is vengeance! the cgi/slo mo shit gets old fast but it works for the show. PENISES, TITTIES, ORGIES! its glorious
  2. scarliefrancis said: I looove this series! Haven’t wacthed the Venegance yet, but Blood and Sand and Gods of the Arena are bloody good. Still can’t believe Andy’s dead tho :(
  3. aperfectline said: lksadfj;alksjdf askbox!
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